“Tales of Modern Motherhood: This Sh*t Just Got Real,” is a heartfelt comedy about the uncertainties of becoming a parent, the FEAR of being a parent, and the reservations of why I didn’t just settle for a dog. It addresses the good, the bad and the ugly truth about what really happens behind closed doors and gives a very honest perspective on the hardest job in the world, PARENTING!!!

Pam Levin is a veteran in the one-woman show genre. She toured all over the world, off and on for six years with the AWARD-WINNING show, “The Quiet Room.” She also had the pleasure of performing, “In My Own X-Rated Words,” written by Fredrica Duke for the last 2 1/2 years in Los Angeles. This is Pam’s first time writing her own solo piece which she crafted in Terrie Silverman’s Solo Master Class in LA. “Tales of Modern Motherhood” will make its East Coast Premiere this fall, OFF-BROADWAY at the United Solo Festival in New York City.


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13500 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 90401

ticket price: $20
students/seniors: $15


After just returning from the East Coast Premiere of her One-Woman show, “Tales of Modern Motherhood…this sh*t just got real” at the United Solo Festival, OFF-BROADWAY, Pam Levin is thrilled to go BACK!

This for an ENCORE performance on Friday, November 10th at 7:30pm at Theater Row Theater on 42nd St. for ONE-NIGHT ONLY.

For tickets please call:

Festival: “The United Solo Festival”
Show: “Tales of Modern Motherhood”
Date: Friday, November 10th
Time: 7:30pm
Location: 410 West 42nd St.
(Between 8th & 9th)


T.O.M.M. SOLOFEST 2018 Headliner!

We’re back in LA as the Saturday night headliner at SOLOFEST 2018! Check out our article at Broadway World!


“This one woman show is witty, entertaining, poignant, real, raw, all in one; in short, it’s everything fine theatre should be.”

– Excerpt, Review by Bonnie Priever, September 16th, 2017

“Santa Monica Playhouse presents a tale of modern motherhood written and performed by actress and singer Pam Levin and directed by Mark Hatfield.

Tales of Modern Motherhood: This Sh*t Just Got Real is a funny and endearing autobiographical comedy of Levin’s reluctant journey towards motherhood. Drawing from her early years and happy single life to marrying the man of her dreams, Levin fearlessly shares her struggles and experiences with avoiding yet eventually embracing motherhood.

With hilarious and absurd bodily function stories, to dancing and singing with the expertise of a Broadway star, Levin delights the audience with stories mothers all over the world can relate to.

Levin not only delivers story and song with passionate energy and rhythmic might, she brings up questions women are not supposed to ask and gives the audience permission to laugh over the pressure of becoming a parent and the absurdities of parenthood.

This reviewer was touched by the open-hearted and grateful way she described the man who would later become the father of her children.

With the help of two screens to show clips and pictures of Levin’s life, the set is elegantly lit and decorated with the feeling of ‘this sh*t is about to get real.'”

– Review by Pamela Manganaro, Tolucan Times, June 1st, 2017

About the Artist

Photo by Kent Earle

Pam Levin and her cast mates were just awarded, “BEST ENSEMBLE” for the short film, “Sisters,” inspired by the Samuel Beckett piece, “Come and Go,” at the Culver City Film Festival in California. Pam is super excited about booking a McDonald’s voice-over spot for McCafe, which is currently playing. She is also in Terrie Silverman’s Master Solo class making her final tweaks on the one-woman show, “Tales of Modern Motherhood.” Thrilled to be back at the Santa Monica Playhouse with Fredrica Duke’s hilarious play, “In My Own X-Rated Words.” She’s had the pleasure of performing it off and on, for the last two ½ years, as well as Off –Broadway for three performances at the United Solo Festival. Most recently you can watch her on Netflix in the Independent Feature, “Meet My Valentine” and in the feature film, “Do you Believe.” Every now and again, Pam plays a recurring nurse on the Soap Opera, “Day’s of our Lives.” As mentioned, Pam is also a voice-over talent. She has narrated over a dozen children’s audio books on the website, babysbrilliant.com.

The Crew

From left to right:
Director – Mark Hatfield
Assistant Stage Manager – Scott Sanders
Playwright/Actress – Pam Levin
Stage Manager – George Vennes