Tales of Modern Motherhood: Part 2

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Welcome to the modern world of parenting. This is my story of a loving parent whose 5-year-old plays with boys, dresses like a boy, and now at age 8 is ready to commit to being a boy. It’s a journey of a parent trying to uncover the gender that fits my kid best, while navigating these uncharted waters with zero tools in my tool belt! This is a continuation of the original “Tales of Modern Motherhood,” focusing on the lunacy, fear, labelling, and unconditional love. However, you do NOT have to have seen “part 1” to appreciate this NEW chapter. This is an extremely personal, funny, channeling, honest, and hopeful story about the human condition.


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“Last year at Solofest I was lucky enough to see Pam’s first installment of “Tales of Modern Motherhood” and was completely blown away.

Pam is a veteran of solo work, having been writing and performing her own work for the past 22 years…wow.

The first show introduced us to Pam as she was beginning her journey of coupledom and parenthood, with hilarious and riveting stories of birth and love and narrowly avoided disasters…i.e. your average family life! Although channeled through Pam it becomes super-real and far more funny than your own messy madness.

The second show begins pretty much where the last one left off. Her two daughters and her husband and the usual, although brilliantly told dramas…but with one slight twist. Her young daughter of five announces to her that for her graduation she would like to have a mohawk haircut…and then she decides that she is really a he.

As a parent I can totally relate to most of Pam’s previous crazy situations…actually all of them if I’m honest.

But this particular scenario is not in my immediate realm of experience. Although I have had to face some eye-widening questions, some heart-pounding moments and quite a few cliff hangers with my brood.

How Pam handles her child’s gender fluidity is epically masterful….although it’s clear that at the time Pam didn’t feel as if she had any handle on it what so ever. Pam takes us through this deeply personal journey with her usual masterful storytelling style. Funny, emotional, honest and profound. Her ability to take these precious and mind boggling moments with her family and distill them into crystal clear, joyous, informative and leveling narratives is a rare and phenomenal skill. She give us the gift of her story, the gift of her daughter’s story, in fact, and the time spent with her in a dark little theatre in Sherman Oaks is revelatory, moving and utterly worthwhile.

Pam is a superstar to be sure but her Darby, her son, is most certainly a chip off the old block. Not that Pam is old…you know what I mean. Darby is brave and totally true to himself and there can be no doubt that Pam is what gave Darby that strength. Although I’m sure Darby’s dad is great too!! But seriously. This show is exquisitely and artfully written and performed. After all, it’s when art is at its most personal that it can be its most powerful and transcendent. And you really can’t get much more personal than this. But that’s Pam Levin for you – open and brave and beautifully bold. She gives you everything and we are far, far the better for it, I can tell you.

Pam has had to add a couple of shows to her time in Solofest this year because she’s selling out all over the place! So take advantage, book your tickets now!! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Pam Levin is what the very best of solo work is all about…love it!!”

– Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros, February 10th, 2020

This is yet another wonderful performance by the uber talented Levin… having watched the performance on a livestream made it all the more intimate, almost like a one on one monologue/conversation between viewer and actor. Levin tackles this very delicate question from a very personal place, her own family, her own daughter, her own tears and fears of the years ahead, in the most honest, beautiful yet theatrical way, mixing ‘mama drama’ with just the right dash of comedic levity.

-Excerpt, Review by Bonnie Priever, May 10th, 2020


Her raw honesty in her storytelling combined with her mesmerizing performance skills left me absolutely consumed with the most wonderful theater experience I’ve had in a very long time. I was brought to tears, I was belly laughing, and I was filled with heartfelt love & joy. Sharing her family experience with the gender & identity issue is also very important for the world to hear. I Honestly can’t wait to see it again!

Tanya Dickson


Tales of Modern Motherhood